photo credit: Brooke Genn

hi. I'm Libby. 

I have a passion for telling stories through artistic mediums — for brands, for people and for the sake of being compulsively creative. I'm a cornucopia of big ideas and I find the magic of the world through thoughtful language, artistic executions, unprecedented strategies and curated visuals. 

I'm captivated by colors, textures, emotions and sensory details that make people feel, and thus elicit and inspire long-term, meaningful connections. I like to think of every project as its own love letter written and addressed by hand to the amazing clients and brands I have the privilege of working with. 

because creativity lives at my very core, the work you see here reflects my passion, innovation, eagerness to learn and my inherent nature to always experiment with new ideas. for me, small luxuries translate as constant inspiration, so I'm unabashedly proud of my love for 70s rock, red wine, fresh flowers, old records, pretty packaging and my collection of overpriced candles. 

I perceive every creative endeavor as an opportunity to create something spectacular. let's share a drink, put our heads together + make something beautiful. drop me a line. ↓ | @lib_bart

branding. copywriting. strategy. content creation.