AExME // Fall Fashion Collaboration with American Eagle Outfitters

In recent years, American Eagle has become an “it” apparel brand for millennials. Resembling a clothing alternative that inherently values the authenticity and originality that contribute to unabashed individuality, AE has launched several marketing initiatives that reinforce this narrative—one of which include the ever popular Aerie, a modern take on a lingerie brand that celebrates body positivity through its commitment to refrain from retouching models.

AExME translates as a strategic way to infuse the same ethos in to Aerie’s parent company, and the mega-fashion retailer. This campaign featured a range of models, influencers, and content creators who independently styled their looks with the help of AE’s fall collection. We each identified personal sources of inspiration to style different shoots that were best described as being unique and all-encompassing of our completed personalities.

When considering how I wanted to style this shoot, the concept of textures was one I heavily gravitated towards. I loved the cozy look and feel of AE’s sweaters, and the contrast of the distressed denim seemed to add another dimension of unabashed style to the look. I chose to shoot my content at one of my favorite plant stores—a local spot, owned and operated by an amazing female entrepreneur—because I felt it was a metaphor for personal style on a greater scale.

This sweet, curated shop is full of flourishing plants that range in hues, from a vibrant emerald to a bold, earthy sage, and while they’re a part of the same color family, they all have their own intricacies, whether it be in their appearances, textures, habits, they all bring something unique to the shop, and the collective experience you have when you visit.

I think style is a lot like this. Some argue that we’re all just wearing clothes—that the process of getting dressed each day is merely a bullet point on a morning check list of things we’re obligated to do as functional human beings. It may appear as though we parallel in this mediocre similarity, but when you look a little closer, you come to realize our personal style influences reflects so much of who we are at our core, and ultimately resembles a lens to the story we choose to tell about ourselves.