In 2017, I dove head first in to my passion for branding. As a hybrid creative with skills in copywriting, photography, content creation and brand positioning, I pursued my interest in social media influencing to begin freelance work with the brands you see here. 

From beauty brands like Clinique and Neutrogena to food brands including Smartwater and Coca-Cola, this year is the first of an exciting journey ahead. 

Single Compelling Thought: Can basic design elements be reimagined and used in a more intentional way to maximize brand engagement and inspire a more meaningful connection with customers?

Strategy: Use basic design functionalities, such as color, contrast, texture, white space and sensory details, to tell more meaningful stories for brands and products. 

Execution: Executions vary depending on the guidelines provided by each client. 

Accomplishments: The 16 projects I've chosen to include in this deck generated 5400+ likes and nearly 400 comments. As a sidenote, please consider that some of these campaigns have specific guidelines that limit and restrict personal creativity.