October is breast cancer awareness month, and this year Clinique hosted their Take the Day Off challenge in an effort to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The legacy skincare brand donated $10 for each social media post of a woman removing her lipstick, and ultimately supported BCRF by writing a check for $250,000.

Single Compelling Thought: How can we engage people with imagery so that we can hook them just enough to read data-driven, compelling captions that make the weight of breast cancer feel more real to women everywhere?

Strategy: When it comes to breast cancer, the numbers speak for themselves. This is a cause EVERY woman should care about, because 1 in 8 of us will endure the magnitude of this illness at some point in our lifetime. Think about it. Of your mom, sister, aunt, cousin, grandmother, co-worker, go-to barista or favorite gal pal, ONE of them will come face to face with breast cancer, statistically speaking. Let’s support the initiative by creating social media content that promotes Clinique products while also pairing well with powerful captions that speak volumes to women in the audience.

Execution: Publish diverse types of media to promote the cause and create hype through social. Style a mini-shoot that promotes Clinique’s Take The Day off make-up remover and Dramatically Different lipstick, and produce a 25 second video that conveys how simple it is to participate and support the cause.