European eyewear boutique, Glance Glasses, is the "It" place to shop for glasses in Portland, Oregon. Full of luxury frames that span from fashion to funky to totally cool, Glance delivers a unique experience. They pride themselves, not just on selling eyewear, but on selling frames that evoke a lifestyle full of confidence.

In 2016, Glance identified a need to their modernize social media strategy to appeal to a new target audience and attract young professionals. 

Single Compelling Thought: What makes consumers feel most aligned with a brand? Seeing themselves within it. 

Strategy: Develop an in-depth understanding of the newly defined target audience by analyzing their interests, income, behaviors, desires + values. Use this insight to inform content themes and create an overall aesthetic that parallels with the millennial audience. 

Execution: Direct and style weekly photoshoots to curate original social media content that meets young professionals where they're at. Schedule and share content on Instagram while staying true to the identity of the brand. Engage with new followers to increase foot traffic. 

Accomplishments: In the first month of launching this strategy, the brand saw a 27.45% increase in followers and engagement data for the newly define target audience doubled. 

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