When grit, passion, purpose and unprecedented innovation collide, the result is a brand that transcends its modern womenswear competitors. Inspired by her maker roots and rural upbringing, founder and designer Tessa Clark pays homage to her ceramicist mother and miller father through Grind and Glaze, a luxury womenswear brand that's effortlessly sophisticated.  

Single Compelling Thought: Can brands leverage a given style of writing to convey their story + personality in a more candid, engaging way? 

Strategy: Merge a poetic, romantic style of writing with Grind and Glaze's edgy, gritty, avant-garde style to craft a compelling brand narrative for the website. 

Execution: Draft three unique stories that encompass the context of the brand. Push each story apart by focusing on the elements of the brand that make it so admirably distinct: The inspiration, the upbringing, and the ode to sustainable + ethical fashion. 

All photos you see here were pulled from Grind and Glaze's website + Instagram account. 

Kickstarter video coming soon!

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The vernacular I wrote for Grind & Glaze was featured in the Kickstarter video below.