Kinfolk Magazine, a lifestyle publication originally founded in Portland, Oregon, seeks to "connect a global community of creative professionals while simultaneously promoting quality of life.

Challenge: Choose an Oregon-based brand and create a digital online community within a 21-day time period. 

Single Compelling Thought: What type of relationship exists between creatives and the food they choose to consume? How do creatives use cultural foods and native recipes for creative brain power across the globe? 

Strategy: Using the #Kinfolk and #KinfolkMagazine hashtags on Instagram, reach out to other Kinfolk readers worldwide and inquire about their favorite recipes and what foods keep them feeling inspired and creatively rejuvenated.

Execution: Inspired by Kinfolk's initiative to create a global community among creatives, launch a project that expands the brand in a new way by honing in on something people from all types of cultures have in common: Food. Food, or meals rather, bring people together. And for creatives, certain foods equip us with better brain power. Collect recipes from Kinfolk-ers worldwide and launch a Tumblr page that empowers this audience to engage with one another in a new way. 

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