Experience: Worked as the verbal intern for nine months at LPK, a global brand design agency headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Specializing in copywriting, brand identity, naming, positioning, messaging and brand foundation + brand architecture, working with this team allowed me to strengthen my creative process and improve my writing skills as I collaborated on over 30 projects for big name brands.  

Single Compelling Thought: Agency work demands confidentiality. How can I capture my growth in this role without disclosing vital information that would compromise the evolution of each project? 

Strategy: Keep an ongoing record of the copy that I contribute to each project. Exclude revisions, feedback from team + superiors, and following phases of the project. Utilize a series of first drafts to show how my skills have strengthened and my writing has developed without indicating the client, the big idea, or the finalized work. 

Execution: Selected spreads straight from my notebook that show a glimpse of my creative process and the caliber and quality of my work. Visuals and mini mood boards to convey the inspiration behind the energy, character and tone of voice channeled for each writing assignment. A few learning lessons + compelling observations that stuck with me. 

Note: To reiterate, the work you see here reflects copy I wrote independently and brought forward to the early stages of different projects.

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One of the most important things I've learned as a writer // "Don't self edit, ever." 


"Strategy is not about adding more and more stuff. Strategy is about taking stuff away. Taking away everything until there's only one thing left: a single powerful thought."


ISIS Laundry Detergent, European Brand


Inko's Tea: "Character is the heartbeat of -------- tea. We blend refreshing fruit flavors and premium quality silver needle leaves to create a line of healthy and rewarding iced teas. Each batch owns a unique and distinctive personality to add some pizazz to your day. It's tea so good, it tastes just white."


"When writing copy, think about the visual." 


General Electric: "For 125 years we've been experts at leading the way. Guided by curiosity and innovation that persist from decade to decade, we set out to create home appliances with unparalleled perfection and the utmost precision. A creative toolbox for all your dream home to-do's, our appliances are the trusted choice for every project and ensure pristine quality for generations to come.

Intentionally designed. Carefully crafted." 

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Town Hall: A platform to digitally discuss local politics

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Special K

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Special K

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Bounty: "Let's all agree on one thing – the kitchen is no place for pansies. An innovation powerhouse that brings breakthrough moments to life, this space inspires audacious self-expression. We defy the expectation to comply with obligation. We rebel against the tradition of the norm and replace self-loathing with self-love. We blend unwavering confidence with persistent passion so the goodness mixed in the kitchen becomes a recipe for external success.

Rebellious // Daring // Bold // Defiant // Unruly"

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Bounty: "We are women. 

We are makers, doers, dreamers and visionaries – proudly and unabashedly. We're inherently designed this way by nature, and we're a force to be reckoned with. The kitchen is our haven for replenishment, a sanctuary for every woman to refuel and recharge. For sustenance and joy that fuel the power of our potential, the kitchen is where we uncover balance and bliss for total zen.

Serene // Mellow // Romantic // Soft // Euphoric" 

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Wings & Rings



Dunkin' Donuts


Pampers: "Reinvent your sense of style with Underjams – a seamless second skin that acts as a nighttime shield. A blend of sophistication and play-it-cool protection, we redefine the standard for fashion forward comfort and total dryness throughout the night. For all-around coverage you and your child can count on, it's your go-to confidence boost for around-the-clock protection and total peace of mind. 


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Popular brands have multi-faceted personalities. They can make you laugh, cheer or lean forward + take notes. These brands are expanding to achieve a share of emotion.

Taco bell is beautiful on Instagram, hilarious on Twitter and inspiring online through the Live Mas campaign. 

4 types of content that perform well on digital // Funny – Beautiful – Useful – Inspiring




Bounty: "Home is a sanctuary. It's a place for doing good and feeling good. It's where moments are shared, families are made and is haven for peace of mind. Savor your sweetest moments with natural, homegrown resources that ensure an honest, modern clean. Rooted in authenticity, quality and organic wholesomeness, it's the safe, go-to, tidy-up tool you can trust.

Rooted // Authentic // Minimal // Pure // Natural // Clean // Rustic"


"Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That's because they were able to connect experiences they've had and synthesize new things." -Steve Jobs