Naturally Serious Skin, a “green meets clean” skincare brand, is disrupting the industry exclusively from the shelves of Sephora. Notorious for their naturally-derived ingredients, the brand targets a niche consumer that prioritizes their skincare regimen in the same regard as a consumer obligation to social responsibility. Blending the forces of nature, science, and cutting-edge technology, Naturally Serious Skin merges natural and clinical skincare techniques to deliver a line of ethically-made products that transcend the green beauty trend.

Single Compelling Thought: In accordance with the emergence and exponential growth of the clean skincare trend, the Women’s Facial Skincare Consumer Report shows that up to 50% of women who purchase skincare products actively search for those with natural or organic ingredients. How can Naturally Serious Skin differentiate itself in a saturated market by elevating basic design principles?

Strategy: Capture the multi-faceted nature of the mission of Naturally Serious Skin by leveraging light, shadows, florals, color contrast and texture to communicate the complexed, high-quality status of the brand.

Execution: Promote the Cold-Pressed Peel Pads and the Supercharge Anti-Oxidant Moisture Serum by creating a collection of digital content that complements the DNA and visual aesthetic of the brand.