Every year, the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communications supports the students of the Advertising program during a once in a lifetime experience called Creative Week. An initiative that pertains specifically to the Advertising department, the opportunity selects a handful of students that best represent the program and all it has to offer. During my senior year in 2016, I was chosen to attend Creative Week — a week long trip to the Big Apple where students tour numerous agencies, expand their creative network and share their portfolio of work. It was an inspiring and humbling experience that solidified my passion for advertising and branding, and ultimately shaped me in to the creative copywriter/strategist I am today.  

Musings on a week spent in New York City for Creative Week 2016.

Takeaways + Learning Lessons:

Hustle. Be honest + kind. Share in failure, share in success. Fail, fail and fail again. Idea buckets + mind maps can challenge the way you think about an idea. We are forever students learning culture. Let your freak flag fly. Value work ethic + grit. Failure is only failure when you don't reflect on what went wrong. Consistently invest in a side project. Be a sponge + absorb what's around you. Always have an opinion. Be proactive, not reactive. 

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