OY-L Beauty is dedicated to creating products that celebrate beauty without secrets. In place of harsh chemicals, the brand uses natural alternatives to rejuvenate skin from the inside out. 

Whether it's florals, like lavender buds and rose petals, oils, including avocado, coconut or sweet almond oil, pink Himalayan salts, or other raw ingredients like beeswax, coffee butter, wildcrafted honey, every product is handcrafted with care. 

Single Compelling Thought: Inspired by plant-derived formulas, the OY-L brand is comprised of products with: no parabens, no color pigments, no preservatives, no isopropyl alcohol, no mineral oil and more. Their brand speaks to the emerging shift towards natural beauty and skincare products. How can we strategically style product photos to showcase the message at the core of this trend? 

Strategy: Select tangible food items to artistically display the flavors behind OY-L's line of luxury lip balms.  

Execution: Style a shoot that embodies the dainty, delicacy feel of the brand while also celebrating their commitment to crafting transparent beauty products. 

Mentor Brand: Cheerios 

Cheerios does such an admirable job of bringing their brand to life through digital. Their content is engaging, clearly crafted, and positions the brand as being one that resonates with families. Through the use of texture, balance, color and contrast, they create a rhythm that exudes the personality of the brand.