You might consider this project an anomaly in comparison to the branded work on my site. No strategy, no single compelling thought, no styled content. Just some promotional photos I shot for a friend who’s gracing your TV screens on Season 17 of Project Runway on Bravo.

Tessa Clark, owner and designer of Grind and Glaze, is one of my most admired creatives in the Cincinnati area. She’s innovative, daring, and someone who’s inherently wired to create from the heart. She has this unique ability to reimagine unlikely sources of inspiration in an effort to bring unprecedented artistic ideas to life. I was so fortunate to have a small hand in developing Grind and Glaze by contributing my writing skills to craft the foundation of the avant-garde fashion brand, and i’m so ecstatic to see how Tessa’s journey unfolds.

project runway gallery.jpg

project runway gallery 2.jpg