Rosebud CBD is an emerging brand known for high-quality CBD oils homegrown in the US. Committed to creating a wholesome and natural product that authentically offers the powerful benefits of cannabidiol, Rosebud’s take on this magical elixir is redefining industry standards. By focusing on personal relationships with outsourced farmers and normalizing a transparent dialogue that prioritizes the connection between brand and consumer, Rosebud is rapidly growing with big plans underway.

Single Compelling Thought: According to Shopify, over 50% of online shoppers report that product photos are more effective than product information, reviews or customer ratings. How can we boost Rosebud’s conversion rate and optimize engagement through quality photos for social media?

Strategy: Capture the different ways that Rosebud CBD oil can be used, and create a library of versatile, on-brand content that can be paired with captions that emphasize the range of various benefits of the product.

Execution: Shoot a collection of editorial-inspired product photos that align with the elevated nature of the brand, augment customer engagement, and make a compelling statement about Rosebud and the products they offer.

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