Whisk & Wag is bringing families together in an entirely new way with their approach to homemade dog treats. Made with top-tier ingredients and lots of love, these treats are dog-gone good. 

Single Compelling Thought: Can we extract the artistic spirit of the DIY craft culture to appeal to the target audience behind a bake-at-home dog treat mix?

Strategy: Identify parallels between the personas of loyal dog mom and artistic baker to uniquely position the brand. Merge the results to develop a creative, hands-on niche that differentiates Whisk & Wag from competing dog treat brands. Integrate elements that symbolize love and family through this artistic lens. 

Execution: Use the brand persona to inform a formal social media strategy and inspired the production of social media content that resonates with dog moms, bakers, families and makers. Maximize the brand's presence on social media for the soft launch of the brand, and curate a following of repeat customers through engaging and innovative content series.  

Accomplishments: With a highly successful soft launch strategy, the internal brand work later informed much of the copy used on the website — the "About" story, brand manifesto, brand mission and blog name in addition to product descriptions, headlines and body copy. 

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