Yes To, a self-proclaimed global leader in the natural beauty sphere, is a beauty mogul’s go-to for good-for-you skincare that’s as effective as it is affordable. Inspired and derived from everyday fruits and vegetables, Yes To implements a fresh and innovative approach to the skincare scene.

The Influencer Marketing Coordinator at Yes To reached out to me to inquire about content creation to promote the Yes To Coconut product line. I tested the Coconut Milk Mistified Moisturizer Spray, the Energizing Coffee 2-in-1 Scrub & Cleanser Stick, and the Replenishing & Moisturizing Hair Clay Mask. I styled the following photos and shared with the team for marketing purposes.

Single Compelling Thought: Testing the aforementioned beauty products reminded me of being on a beach. The key ingredient, the fragrance, and the experience of the products all evoke ease, relaxation, and a subtle sense of splendor. Given that 89% of today’s businesses compete with one another on the basis of customer experience, how can I use creative direction and styling elements to create a compelling narrative that communicates the experience of using these products?

Strategy: The line of Yes To’s coconut-based products bring about a tropical feel that nods to the entirety of using the product itself. In the same way coconut oil is a soothing remedy for skin and hair, it’s aroma is also calming and elicits relaxation. Use beach-inspired elements paired with a summer aesthetic to create content that gives Yes To’s audience an idea of what they might expect when using these products.

Execution: Capture a series of photographs that gravitate away from standard beauty stock photography and instead celebrates these coconut-infused products in a unique and engaging way.

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